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Colonoscopy Procedures
Colonoscopy Procedures - Did you know that many insurance companies offer FREE colonoscopy
screenings for patients over 50 years of age? That means no cost to you! Ask about a free screening
today and we will review your insurance coverage.

A colonoscopy is similar to the flexible sigmoidoscopy, but the colonoscopy allows us to see the entire colon
as opposed to just the final third.  This is a popular way to screen for colon cancer, colon polyps, and other
digestive disorders.  We recommend that you receive a colonoscopy every 10 years, as long as your
results come back normal.
What is a colonoscopy?  

A colonoscopy is recommended for the following
    •Individuals with a family history of colon cancer
    •Individuals with a family history of colon polyps
    •Anyone over the age of 50
    •Individuals with a family history of inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn’s Disease

These symptoms indicate that you may need a colonoscopy procedure:
    •Abdominal Pain
    •Rectal Bleeding
    •Unexplained Weight Loss
    •Unexplained Change in Bowel Habits
    •Chronic or Recurrent Diarrhea or Constipation

Before the Procedure
In order to prepare for your colonoscopy, we provide specific preparation instructions.  In order to have a
clear and unobstructed view of the colon, it is important to cleanse the area.  There are minor variations in
the procedure, but many involve a laxative and clear liquid diet leading into the procedure.

In some cases, we will also ask that you stop eating solid food the night before your procedure and may
even advise against taking certain medications.  It is important that you provide us with a detailed list of all
medications that you regularly take, including aspirin.

Please follow all instructions given by your doctor.

During the Procedure
On the day of your procedure, our staff will administer a medication in order to help you relax.  You will then
lay on your left side while we insert the colonoscope into the anus and move slowly through the rectum and
into the colon.

At this point, we will inflate the large intestine so that we can clearly see the lining of the colon.  Throughout
the procedure, we will be looking for polyps, growths, tears, inflammation, bleeding, and more.  If we do find
any of the listed items, we will take samples and remove any growths.  We will then send the tissue to the
lab for testing to determine the problem.

After the Procedure
This procedure typically takes about an hour to complete.  Once we are finished, you will recover from the
sedation under the watchful eye of one of our nurses.  It is very common to feel cramping and bloating up
to an hour after the procedure is complete.

If you experience the following symptoms after your procedure, please call us immediately:
    •Severe Abdominal Pain
    •Bloody Bowel Movements

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