"I had VNUS Closure Procedure five months ago and I am thrilled with the results.  I've lived with varicose veins for several years.  I'd
grown so accustomed to aching legs with unsightly veins, that I was convinced I didn't need the surgery.  I figured I could get along so
why risk a possible negative result.  My husband encouraged me to get it done.  The procedure was simple.  As days passed, I was
amazed how the raised, blue, purple areas diminished.  My legs look and feel great.  Thank you" - Gwen

"I have had a number of procedures, scopes, and surgeries done in both Niagara and Erie Counties (Broome County also), by very
good, competent physicians and staff members.  And without a doubt or hesitation - The Great Lakes Surgical Dr's, teams and staff are
by far the kindest, friendliest, and most caring of them all, and very, very competent, as well.  

Thank you so much, Dr. Schratz and all, for having such a comfortable place to go, when usually at a most difficult time in a person's
life."  - Louise

"Excellent staff, answers all questions and very caring and efficient.  Would highly recommend to anyone."  - Joan

"Dr. Schratz had already taken care of me previously.  He is the best - and you, his staff are very personable & gifted.  You all make it a
good experience." Jerry

"All staff from desk receptionist to surgeons were very pleasant, professional and I felt trustworthy.  I was put at ease and everything
went as well as could be expected.  Very satisfied." - Angela

"Jeffrey Schratz, MD has done my colonoscopy before and he is excellent.  I loved having it done at Great Lakes Surgical instead of
hospital." - David

"Dr. Hodge is an awesome doctor.  Great bedside manners.  Great nurses" - Vivian

"Dr. Hodge has done my colonoscopy in the past and I was very happy.  The staff and facility (which I hadn't been to before) were
wonderful." - terry

" I was amazed at the alertness & absence of any negative effects of anesthesia (nausea, dizziness, etc)." - Susan

"The whole staff was excellent!!" - Eric

"Everyone was so nice!!  I left earlier than expected and it was so clean.  I usually cry but I felt so comfortable - I didn't cry at all.  -

"Staff were very professional and friendly - thank you."  - Joyce

"I had put off having a colonoscopy, but it was actually a good experience.  Everyone was friendly & welcoming.  I really like the
atmosphere of the office.  I will definitely recommend Great Lakes Surgical." - Judy

"Dr. Schratz is wonderful and knew his center would be too.  Our first experience with this procedure at Great Lakes was exceptional in
every way." - Gary

"Everyone had a great attitude and made me feel very comfortable - during an uncomfortable procedure."  - Mike

"The entire experience was excellent though I was apprehensive because it was my very first colonoscopy and I wasn't sure what to
expect - the process was quite easy and I felt great afterwards.  The staff disarmed my worries!!" - Kim

"Great behind the scene experience!" - Paul

"You have a much preferred, beautiful facility and excellent staff." - Joyce

"They make what could have been an unpleasant experience easy and painless." - Andrew

"Excellent staff and very courteous and pleasant.  Also very informative.  Very timely procedure with minimum waiting time.  I can't
recommend this facility high enough.  Thank you." - Joan
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